Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"CREATE"...a Sneak Peak

Throughout the first year of CLE we've enjoyed many successes and highlights. We had a huge weekend at the Bazaar Bizarre in December, which sparked our expansion and growth as a Brand. We were privileged to be interviewed by Cleveland Magazine, which sparked more growth, and we even got a shot-out from Leon Bibb and the Channel 5 News Team, which was both awesome and surreal.

We realize that our designs have been simple.....yet very unique and have caught the eye of many Clevelanders who are looking for something unique.. We have plans to expand our line to be more expressive, kitchy, and add some of our designer/artistic
flair (if you will). Basically we want to be more than "I (something) CLE" and over the next couple of months we will be releasing new designs each month that represent our little vintage/unique style that we hope our little niche market will enjoy.

We pride ourselves on using high quality American Made goods paired with our "unique" designs that are printed right here in North East Ohio.

Here's a look at This month's 3 designs that will premier at Room Service's Made in the 216 on Friday June 26 and at The Waterloo Fest on the 27th.

A Collage of Everything Cleveland....at least everything we could fit....

A little play on the acronym "CLE"....Create, Love, Embrace....Art, Music, Culture. A donation will be made from each purchase of this design to an artistic cause in the Cleveland area.
Also available in a V-Neck

A more expressive approach to our "216" Design
Also Available in a V-Neck

Also we have re-printed some current designs in New Colors!!

Come out this weekend and check out the events below!!

Team CLE


  1. these look awesome!!

    and im really excited to check out made in the 216 this weekend : )

  2. I'll be buying the browns one for this season.

  3. These are great. I love them. I sure hope there's a Gordita t-shirt in the works!

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  5. If you guys think these new shirts look great in the pictures... wait till you see them in person! The collage is AWESOME!

    I'm so proud of what you guys have been able to accomplish in the past year... you deserve all the success you've achieved and THEN some! xoxo