Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something Special Coming soon....

We're working hard on some new things and something special for the ladies....Stay tuned .....


  1. Have you thought of doing scarves with the graphic you have on the blog with the B & W image of Cleveland under the red Ohio. I think it would be hot , maybe not easy to do , but I would wear one. The tshirts are clever, but need stronger design . your graphics on your blog are fun.
    I need something to take for gifts to Japan. scarves would be perfect. easy to pack and one size fits all.

  2. Thanks for the comments "ANONYMOUS" We're working on improving our graphics as we learn the screen printing process. Web Graphis VS Screen Printing graphics is not really comparable, unless you're digitally printing the graphic onto the garment, which is super expensive.

    Email us if you have any questions at cleclothingco@gmail.com we are rarely on this blog.

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  5. The Free Art for All Movement is a Cleveland-based arts initiative, based on a number of factual changes taking place, in this the digital era.
    TV; films; museums; newspapers; and yes, even the Church are dying. We are, after all, each of us, mediums unto ourselves. Cameras are everywhere. And, as the ambitious arts project and resultant documentary attest. We do indeed now, live our lives in public.
    “The world is watching you, so live life fearlessly”
    Early cave drawers chronicled life, and made their art accessible to all. As do we.
    The enclosed art piece is therefore royalty free. Use it for commercial ends, if you will.

    Marc Breed
    America’s Fetish Photographer